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Exhibition booths hold significant importance to ensure an effective product placement, build a strong brand image and attract the potential audience. They offer myriad design options that can be customized to cater to the objectives of the booth installation.

Some people may prefer a fancy, fully decorated booth, while others believe less is more. If you have an inclination towards the later designing option, then read the blog to get 9 simple booth design ideas. Consider these ideas during the designing process to come up with a super attractive yet minimalistic booth design.

Neutral Colour Palette

Avoid using bold, striking colors; rather, go for a neutral colour palette. Consider using subtle light colours like off-white, light pink, beige, or grey. If you want to play safe, then black or white is the forever classic color option that can make any design look chic.

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 Enhanced Open Space

Consider adding more space in the booth rather than stuffing it with irrelevant items. It will help to soothe the audience. With relaxed minds, they can have a better focus on your company/products or services. Moreover, since they don’t have many distractions, their entire focus will be directed to your services.

Stylish Furniture

Consider adding geometrical furniture, especially for sitting that can break the monotony of the booth while offering a functional space. Place sofas, chairs, tables or other pieces of furniture in different shapes, i.e. rectangular, square, or circular.

Smart Storage

Always ensure to declutter your space to make it look spacious, cleaner and more magnetic. Add effective storage solutions in the booth so the staff can place the bags, packages, documents or other necessary stuff separately in safe spaces.

Visible Company Logo

Never forget that the main objective of the booth is to build a positive brand image and product placement. So, the booth design should ensure that the company logo and the product images must be in the limelight. Consider adding logos at the more visible positions.

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Engaging Elements

The hard part is not to attract the audience but to retain it. The best possible solution is to add engaging components in the design to resin the audience while attracting more. You can add 3D visuals, games, photo booths or others. However, keep in mind not to stuff it in the design as it may distract the audience completely from the target message.

Smart Lightning

Lightning can be the game-changer! Add lights at defined angles that brighten up the space, make it look attractive and help to drag the audience’s attention to the logo and products. It’s a subtle way to control the audience’s attraction and enhance the aesthetics.

Add Greenery

Adding some plants, flowers or other elements inspired by nature can significantly impact the visual appeal of the booth. Moreover, adding such elements can indirectly help to build a positive brand image as it shows the brand’s consideration and love towards a sustainable and greener environment.

Incorporate Charging Stations

It’s the most simple yet the most effective gimmick to enhance the flux of the audience. In such mega-events, running out of battery is a common thing, especially when everyone prefers to upload statuses and stories in real time.

Adding a charging station in the booth may force people to come out of their need. This way, they will have an awareness of the brand and its objectives while their phone is being charged.

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Additional Tips for Designing Exhibition Booth

While designing, you must consider these tips:

  • Choose a representative for the booth who must have excellent communication skills to attract and engage the audience.
  • Ensure the design incorporates some interactive tools that can retain the public interest for a longer time and increase the audience flux.
  • Print some informative brochures, posters, postcards or business cards to distribute to the audience. This way you provide them with additional information about the company, its products and upcoming ideas.
  • It is highly advisable to seek help from professionals like Penhaligon, who can add interesting, unique and creative elements to your booth.
  • If you’re looking for creative and exclusive exhibition booth ideas, then consult with the experts at Penhaligon. Our multifaceted services include:

We provide a thorough set of custom exhibition booth services that encompass every involved aspect, including:

  • Graphics printing
  • Stand manufacture
  • Logistics and transport
  • 3D design and visualization
  • Pre-build inspection
  • Installation & dismantling
  • Technical design and build planning

So, contact our experts right away!

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