Modular Exhibition Stands in Italy

Designing an exhibition stand is the most crucial job of all. It needs to stand out among others and attract your targeted audience. That is why it takes a great amount of thought to design exhibition stands. We always recommend engaging our professional designers and production managers to help you navigate through this successfully.

Penhaligon Event Consultants has been crafting artistic and mesmerizing modular exhibition stands for over three decades now. Our staff is creative, resourceful and experienced at highly prestigious forums.

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Why Opt for Modular Exhibition Systems?

Sustainability: Modular stands are eco-friendly, as they can be reused, reconfigured, and recycled for future shows.

Economical: Offering cost savings, they are more economical than custom-built stands and provide economies of scale through reuse.

Portable: Conveniently folded into compact crates, they are easily transported in standard vehicles.

Easy to assemble: No specialized tools or contractors are needed to assemble and dismantle, making setup straightforward for anyone.

Easy to store: Since packing crates are easily storable, modular stands do not need expensive external storage.

Helping You Craft Experiences Beyond Imagination

With a strong portfolio of worldwide services, our agency is here to help you execute an unmatchable event that will set you apart and leave an indelible impression on your guests. Give us a call and feel secure that we have the experience to match your event.

Key Design Considerations for Modular Stands

Despite its numerous benefits and workability, a modular exhibition stand requires a careful design involving multiple design factors. Our designers, with extensive experience on the biggest world stages, have designed an intricate planning and designing phase that ensures the inclusion of every variable to produce a stunning, show-stopping exhibition stand for your campaign, covering:

  • Space and Layout
  • Flow of Traffic
  • Brand Identity
  • Functionality
  • Sustainability
  • Lighting and Visual Appeal

Innovative Design Features

Photo Floor

Using non-slip vinyl graphics for the floor, you can enhance the impact of your exhibition stand manifold.

Product Display Showcase

Tailor the display showcases according to your product’s requirements. You can showcase your product in a fully branded environment.

Edge-Lit Acrylic

You can create a color-changing feature to illuminate your brand logo with edge-lit acrylic. It is among the most popular features.

Printed Countertop

You can augment the presence of the countertop with full graphic wrap or colour-changing LED lights to accentuate its position.

Integrated Audio Visual

You can enhance the impact of your exhibition stand by integrating interactive games, digital presentations, demos and other audio-visual elements.

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Rotating Features

Moving or rotation features can always grab attention. You can apply this and create a rotating header consisting of your logo or brand name.

Backlit Graphics

You can use backlit graphics to illuminate specific areas and grab the attention of your audience. This can amplify the visual appeal of modular display stands.

Tablet Holders

Tablet holders can encourage the interaction of your audience with your stand. Tablets can display visual demos and allow users to explore your website.

Endcap Showcase

Endcaps can lure visitors in by showcasing products and literature. They are at the end and closer to a walkway, making them highly effective.

LED Video Wall

A high-definition LED video wall can serve as a standalone feature of the modular stand design, helping to increase the visual appeal of the stand.

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Penhaligon Event Consultants – Imagination Beyond Comprehension

Penhaligon Event Consultants has gained vast experience in designing bespoke modular exhibition stands at the most prestigious global events. We go above and beyond excellence to craft a masterpiece that makes you the centre of attention at any exhibition.

Let’s connect today and begin designing a true piece of art for your brand.


Modular display stands are an adaptable exhibition stand that can effectively fit in any given space and can be dismantled and reused.

Depending on several factors, such as the type of the system and the configuration that you select, it may cost you anywhere around £670 to £3000 and more.

The following are the types of modular display systems:

  • Linkable pop-up systems
  • Modulate™ displays
  • Fabric displays
  • Modular exhibition stands

Depending on the type of the system, it may take somewhere between 10-45 minutes and a team of 2-3 people to assemble it.

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