The Difference Between Event Management and Event Production

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Arranging large gatherings and events, including weddings, music festivals, corporate conferences, etc., requires professional-level expertise. Event management and event production are two terms frequently used while planning an event but you need to know the difference between them to hire the right type of services for making the necessary arrangements.

This guide helps you understand the services provided and skills required for event management and event production. It also includes information on the importance of event management and event production services to arrange a successful event with a memorable experience for attendees.

Event Management

The primary focus of event management is on the logistics and coordination to plan and execute a particular event. The professionals who provide the services of event management are commonly referred to as event managers or event planners. They are responsible for planning the whole event in detail so that everything goes smoothly. Event managers are mainly the ones who record your requirements and execute them practically by arranging an event as you want.

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The event managers plan and execute your event with careful planning, handling logistics and technical aspects. The services which are usually provided under event management include:

  • Catering
  • Budgeting
  • Venue Selection
  • Guest List Management


If you want to get a seamless experience, you should look for these skills while hiring an event manager:

  • Multitasking
  • Keen eye for detail
  • Effective communication
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to handle unexpected challenges

What Does the Event Manager Do?

Event managers are responsible for doing all the research and finding a suitable venue where the event can be arranged conveniently. They coordinate with florists, caterers, and vendors to ensure all the arrangements are done perfectly. They create a timeline for the event and delegate all tasks to the relevant team members so that everything goes on smoothly. They also create and manage event budgets for accurate financial management.

Moreover, they also manage logistics and have the responsibility to troubleshoot last minute problems. In short, event managers are the ones who bring your ideas and vision into reality by arranging an event as per your demands.

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Event Production

Event production services intend to focus on creativity and technicalities associated with your event to transform your vision into a reality. They work closely with audiovisual specialists, creative teams, and production crews to ensure all aesthetic and technical requirements are fulfilled efficiently. You can hire these professionals if you have a creative vision but need help designing and executing all the technical aspects.


Usually, these services are provided by event production professionals to create an appealing and welcoming atmosphere at your event:

  • Stage Setup Arrangements
  • Coordination with Vendors
  • Lighting and Sound Systems Management
  • Designing the Overall Look and Feel of the Event


You should look for these skills while hiring an event production specialist:

  • Creative Flair
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Ability to Visualize and Execute Complex Event Designs

What Do Event Producers Do?

Event producers have the responsibility to find and book the venue for your event based on the number of guests and attendees and your budget. They arrange all the set up to decorate the venue according to the theme of your event. They are responsible for checking all the technical components, including light and sound system. They also coordinate with the performers and presenters to ensure the all the event activities go on smoothly.

In summary, it is the duty of event producers to ensure all the equipment are properly set up and work efficiently to eliminate the risk of unanticipated problems during the event.

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Importance of Event Management & Event Production

Event management and event production are both part of event planning and are equally important for ensuring the successful execution of an event. By hiring professional service providers, your stress of managing everything gets reduced as they take care of everything by performing their duties expertly. The experts also help to provide a memorable experience to your attendees and clients with perfect event preparations and planning.

Key Takeaways

You should carefully choose whether to hire event management or event production services for your event. For this purpose, you should determine the particular requirements of your event, your personal preferences, and the level of assistance you require for arranging the whole event.

You can get help regarding planning, logistics arrangement, and coordination by hiring event management services. On the other hand, event production specialists can assist you in adding creativity to your event while fulfilling all technical aspects as well.

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