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Much earlier in the year I passed my NVQ level 6 in Construction Contracting Operations Management, WHATS THAT I HEAR YOU SAY?

Well, it was initially a rection in lockdowns to having to apply for jobs, something I hadn’t done since my short lived acting career! I found most project managing jobs were asking for a degree level qualification and none were asking for experience at that time. The NVQ level 6 gives me a BA equivalent, so I have achieved that goal.

The course is mostly spreadsheets and reams of documents but anyone in our industry at management level would have filled out most of them at some time. Over 100 documents and a few hours of head scratching later I really enjoyed the experience and the team at www.caduk.co.uk were really helpful. The course is aimed at management for major work sites, planning, procurement, management processes, reviewing and amending all processes and final delivery summing up and project reconciliation. All of which we do in events in varying amounts for all projects.

I recommend it if you are itching to prove that 30 years plus in the events industry does have a value in the real world, but it also gave me a tremendous amount of confidence for taking on larger projects. A bonus is that you also get the black CSCS card with the course which demonstrates you have experience and knowledge to work as a manager on a construction site which for some of the larger world event sites we work on, will be useful, it also demonstrates you have undertaken a high level qualification in construction.

All in all, good for the soul and hopefully good news for those clients who are looking for experienced site and project management people in the future.

Why has it taken so long to shout about it! Well that will be the subject of the next few weeks of content.

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