Small Exhibition Stand in Italy

What Is a Small Exhibition Stand?

An exhibition stand is a marketing tool used by businesses all around the globe to showcase and market their upcoming or already-released ideas/products. These stands also aim to increase networking opportunities and target the niche audience while attracting potential clients.

These exhibition stands come in different sizes, hence named small, medium or large exhibition stands. The size is determined as per the budget and available space and the width can range from 1m to 3m. The width is typically kept constant for small exhibition stands, but you can change the length, for example, 3m x 2m, 3m x 1m, or 3m x 6m.

Since small exhibition stands have less space, it is difficult to make them attractive without saturating the space with excessive elements. If you are at the designing stage of your small exhibition stand and are struck with this dilemma then read the blog to get a clear vision and get some unique ideas.

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Important Tips Before Designing Small Exhibition Stand

  • Be clear in objectives and know what you want, i.e. create brand awareness, position a product, launch a new idea, or simply bring more client traffic.
  • Create an optimum balance between entertainment and marketing (don’t let entertainment overshadow the actual reason for building the stand).
  • Book a prominent place in the exhibition, like close to the entrance, washrooms or play area.
  • Generate a simple but directed message to ensure transparent and clear communication.
  • Avoid stuffing extra elements and information that can distract the audience from key information.
  • Make your exhibition stand interactive and engaging for the audience. Read further to explore them.
  • Efficiently use the vertical space by adding banners, displays, or hangings to boost the overall impact.
  • The exhibition stand design must allow free mobility for the audience.
  • Plan an efficient feedback mechanism to analyze the overall engagement and public response.

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9 Small Exhibition Stand Ideas

Striking Graphics

Did you know that designing and adding useful graphics is more impactful than writing long lines explaining your goals? It’s simple! Graphics can sometimes do the magic that words can’t! So, try to incorporate striking graphics that can grab the audience’s attention from a distance.

The graphics should symbolize your company’s objectives comprehensively.  Moreover, add a pop of colour to make them more attractive. You can also imply story-telling techniques in the graphics to engage the public.


Structural Design

If you are lacking ideas or if your theme is giving a dull, boring vibe, then here’s a simple trick: play around with wall designs and patterns. This simple step can be literally a game changer. You can add a 3D, panoramic, curvy picture or an interactive social media wall to mesmerize the audience, automatically directing their flow to your stand.

Mobilising Agents

To mobilize your PR campaign and passively spread your message/idea/product, you can add your social media handles so people can tag you in their posts, hence a strong social presence without investing much.

You can also add QR codes, which is an innovative way to share the company details online. The audience can scan it and get access to all essential details, new products, brochures, or links to your website. You can also offer a 5-10% discount on your new launches for the customers scanning the QR code.

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Effective Branding

While designing, many people make this mistake; they direct their focus on making the stand attractive. Overall, it’s a necessity, but sometimes it may sideline the main goal of the stand, which is to propagate your agenda.

Your key focus should always be on strong branding. Here are some effective tips to keep in mind to ensure effective branding:

  • Design a targeted message. Use different marketing models like ROPE or RACE to evaluate the needs, define objectives, and specify the target audience.
  • Don’t confuse your audience; craft a bold, precise, and clear message. The message can be in the form of a banner, video, graphics, or design.
  • Add an emotional appeal to make your branding more effective.
  • Highlight your KSPs or USPs.


Lighting is one of the most underrated elements; however, in reality, it can bring visible differences and can uplift the whole vibe of the exhibition stand. You can add built-in LEDs in the stand, especially in the wooden showcases where your products are being displayed. You can also add mirrors to reflect light and create an illusion of a bigger and brighter place. Moreover you can play with different shades of light as per your theme. You can also create a rainbow effect by applying simple laws of physics!

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Games & Competitions

Arranging games and interesting competitions can not only attract kids but also adults.  The games or competitions can be directly linked to your company. For example, if you are having an exhibition booth for a new mobile phone, then you can ask the customers to use your phone and see who takes the best picture. Give cash prizes, gift hampers, or coupons to winners. This way, the audience will not just get engaged, but chances are they might get impressed by the quality of your phone. It’s a persuasive technique, and if used wisely, you can cash a lot from it.

Free Food & Drink

Who doesn’t want free food or drink? Offering free food or drink can make the audience go crazy, automatically boosting the audience traffic.  Once they come to your stand you can take advantage of the opportunity and start the conversation. You can also stamp your company’s logo on the food badges and add the brochures inside.

On Site Management

Well-Trained Staff

Your staff is basically the face of your company, representing your core values and ethics. A good exhibition stand and a well-trained staff go hand in hand.  The exhibition stand attracts the audience and gives the most important information. A courteous team can persuade the audience, make new customers using their communication skills,  or engage them. So, make sure your staff is well disciplined, trained to operate in a rush, be welcoming, own a problem-solving approach, and always be courteous.


Arranging giveaways is another excellent idea to grab the audience’s attention. You can make goodie bags featuring your most prestigious products. It can help you get potential customers, online reviews, user feedback, and much more.

It’s a Wrap

Imagining a new idea and effectively bringing it into a reality is a tedious task requiring expert assistance and specialized tools. At Penhaligon, we have it all! Our designers can make the best and unique exhibition stands to help you stand out among the others and promote your marketing.

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