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The modern financial needs of doing business globally have finally arrived at our door. We have been asked more recently to take card payments for quick turnaround projects. We don’t have an online shop or products to sell other than services, so we really weren’t aware that there was a need to have a card payment scheme at all until recently. Sometimes for the client based outside Europe when attending exhibitions in Italy and they only want to use us for a smaller service, such as furniture hire or graphics, it is easier to pay by card. We have had to turn these down in the past.

As always in business if an increasing number of people are telling you there is a need for it, you should be listening!!

So starting next week, we will have this facility up and running on our website to help our clients who are contacting us from outside Europe and sometimes also the UK.

It is fairly straight forward to set up our end and hopefully will make us more user friendly for people doing business with quick turnarounds and complicated internal supply chain enrolments. We won’t be taking payments over the phone but the online form will be a standard form to make payments easier for some of you working with us.

I will let you know if there are any delays but hopefully by Monday 27th February we should be up and running.

Meanwhile if you have any projects coming up in Italy, let us know how we can help.

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