The Joy Of Sets! A look at what we have supplied for clients here in Italy over the last 12 months.

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We have had a great year here in Italy working with UK and worldwide clients as part of their production team. We have been sourcing, hiring, and managing a range of suppliers here in Italy for events throughout the year with our largest event being in June.

As I have said previously, we are getting a growing number of contacts for projects here in Italy from all over the world. It’s great to be able to help incoming teams and help them navigate around the curve balls that can appear out of nowhere here, it makes going to a project something to look forward to, knowing our team will make a difference.

Over the last twelve months we have supplied:

· A temporary structure over 4715sqm plus ancillary structures

· Support structures, stretch tents, Pavilions for various breakout spaces for outdoor events.

· Production offices for an outdoor event to house 60 people for crew and local support staff.

· Power requirements for production and shows in temporary structures.

· Aircon requirements for temporary structures including bespoke floor grates and column masking panels.

· Site equipment and plant to run remote sites and the teams of people to manage them, including cherry pickers, Manitou, scissor lifts, forklifts, excavators, site buggies, vans and flat beds vehicles.

· Lighting contractors, covering an outdoor evening spectacular, corporate plenaries, themed event sites, an evening garden party, a private dining event, exhibition stand equipment supply, and we secured an instore shop display contract.

· Audio suppliers, covering an outdoor evening spectacular, corporate plenaries, themed event sites and an evening garden party, exhibition stand sound and we commissioned a soundscape for one client.

· AV suppliers for, Mapping of an historical building, a 93m wide by 6m high LED screen, Cameras and operators for multiple events, screens for all shapes and sizes for numerous clients, recording and live editing and hanging screens for exhibition spaces.

· Rigging contractors for over 3000m of truss and 400 motors on one event as well as exhibition stand supply of equipment and people.

· Scenic for events, staging, a seating block for 60 people, themed elements, furniture, props, and sculptures. We have supplied two exhibition stands this year for UK based clients with a complete service working from the clients’ designs. We also do 2D Cad and Sketchup which helps clients quickly see what we are proposing for their projects.

· We have supplied Carpenters for Europe wide projects working in France, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and of course Italy.

· Carpet supplied to indoor and outdoor spaces.

· Layher for Lighting and projection towers, masking walls, scenic walls and a 30m by 12m dining deck.

· Executive and crew toilets for outdoor events.

· Heras Fencing for safety and masking spaces.

· Site wide radios including license handling and distribution.

· Site wide WIFI for all large locations, for guests, crew and production, installing new fibre to one and full site set up for the other remote sites.

· Italian Health and safety teams and all documentation pre production and on site.

· Italian Certification of structures and rigging pre production and on site.

· Italian certification for all electrical, lighting and power installs.

· Collation from all suppliers of safety and process documentation as well as the raft of Italian documents required here to work safely and legally on site.

· Technical scheduling for production and show days, using traditional Excel and Microsoft Projects including coordinating tech companies, venue liaison and site visits.

· Hotel assignment for Italian suppliers to clients, recommendations for hotels for crew and clients.

· Venue and site scouting for a plenary event and fine dining experience in Milan.

· Local liaison with councils and venues for music and performance licenses, suspension of parking bays and noise assessment documentation.

· We have Italian Production Managers, Stage Managers and Production Coordinators who worked both independently and in conjunction with visiting production teams.

· Local hands for supporting the event install and de rig with over 2500 shifts booked over the year.

· Local trucking and courier services

· A Mobile outdoor fridge.

· Graphics suppliers for outdoor and indoor signage and flags.

· Office printers for all locations, including getting last minute documents printed and collated for an exhibition stand.

· One specifically Italian requirement for example was a Mosquito spray company. It is not common knowledge outside Italy, but Milan has a massive summer issue with Mosquitos, so it is a requirement for any outdoor events to have the spaces sprayed at least a week before the event and in some cases, an on site presence during your event.

· Outdoor planting over 100 trees and plants, rocks and dressing.

· Waste management, including dealing with all Italian paperwork to comply with local regulations.

As you can see quite an extensive list.

With feedback from clients though, the most important item to them, once the show detail is sorted, is the onsite presence we provide, giving them peace of mind, knowing we have the contacts and the ability to source last minute requests for their ever-evolving event.

We are always looking for projects to be part of so when in Rome!

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