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Well the news that we can NOW pick and choose the cross border rules after a referendum and 5 years of political divisiveness is great.

Does this mean that the 75% of work I have lost over the last year because of the new border, visa and permit status can also be reversed?

Because among other professions we don’t now have enough people to drive trucks and the people who pay them don’t pay enough to guarantee a living wage and dignity at work, we can bend a few rules?

A Brexiteer might possibly say that we have the freedom to do so and this is what they wanted to pick and choose when it suited the country.

Well for people in the events industry who are not entirely covered by music touring rules, working permits and visa challenges are stopping us getting in work in Europe and there is very little movement in making this problem go away.

For the live event industry that is worth more than the poultry industry or the trucking industry, but obviously needs both, who can forget Conference Chicken? We are once again being side lined.

The Events industry currently is experiencing a boom that I have never seen before in 35 years and is doing what it does best, as part of the marketing tool that makes the UK as strong a market leader in many industries as it is. The people within it are hard at work making their clients look the best they can and maximising their companies exposure on line and in real time events. The people in it are resilient and will build back their careers and livelihoods with no help from any government department that pretends to represent us.

If we are capable without any help why can’t the other industries that are struggling sort themselves out too? A naïve question maybe, but I am up to my arm pit in debt post Covid, the work channels that were available have dried up because of Brexit not Covid, nobody is looking after us and nobody gives a toss, so forgive me for not caring about whether or not there will be turkey on the shelves for Christmas or whether toys will be delivered to the shops in time for Christmas. I have had to adapt and change my path to now work in the UK not in Europe (bearing in mind I live in Italy) and only with help from friends and colleagues has it has been possible.

It is difficult, but maybe the people who are now getting government help to get the workers they need, because they can’t find them in the UK as they don’t pay them enough should not be getting that help.

Pay your people a living wage, ensure dignity at work for your drivers and employees and you will get the rewards you are after. Take it all for yourselves and look where it lands you.

Greed is the key here, and the UK government, rather than legislating to ensure workers are looked after by their employers, are going for the quick fix option which won’t touch the sides.

So Bexiteers, enjoy your Turkey this Christmas while the driver who delivers it, is in their cab, away from their family, with no proper facilities for ablutions available to them apart from at exorbitant rates that employers won’t pay them for and all the while being paid less money than you would work for. Enjoy Brexiteers, Enjoy!

There are some worthy people who are fighting the corner for us privately, namely Tim Brennan of Carry on Touring Advisory Group – Carry On Touring and for spot on advice for working in Europe Ian Smith UK E artsinfo – information for artists after Brexit ( Any support you can give these two organisations will help keep the awareness up of Brits issues for working in Europe.

Rant over!

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