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At Last the UK Government have stopped messing about and have come up with some workable guidelines.

Maybe those events that were teetering on not happening may start to be considered and those that are happening can be more secure in our diaries than before.

Now all they have to do is get their what sits in gear to get Visa free movement of event personnel around Europe.

I read the minutes of a Committee meeting that Lord Frost had attended and his tone of not our fault we are not responsible and its the DCMS responsibility ran rather lack lustre against some formidable questioning by the Chair and the on side MP’S.

There are people fighting this for us, but as my inbox for quotes from companies in the UK for projects here in Italy is growing, it would say to me that confidence at decision level is low and use of foreign companies is on the rise just to get over the hurdles and cost.

There are hundreds of great companies in Europe that can handle the projects that were coming wholly from the UK, so its not looking good for foreign work for UK businesses once they have used reliable suppliers that normally would not have got a look in.

It works the other way too, we have supplied crew and contacts recently for Italian companies in the UK, so they will be feeling the cost and the hassle as well.

As there has been very few physical jobs for us here recently i thought a link back two years ago where we helped Jimmy Pallas on Radio Deejay in Milan would keep you up to date with what we are up to.

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