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As detailed last week we are now accepting cards and have received payment for our first project.

We get levied a 2% charge by the service provider and we are not able to absorb these costs on projects I’m afraid, otherwise this will artificially inflate our costs which we don’t want to do, so being upfront about it makes it clear for us and the client.

We are able of course to take normal bank transfers, but for quick projects with short lead times we believe this will help new clients use our services more easily.

We were hoping to get to Confex 2023 at Excel this week but the weather has other ideas here in Italy, with a fresh 30cm of snow last night on top of what we had. I hope everyone has a successful few days and I look forward to seeing reports from the events and seminars.

We realise here in Italy we live in a beautiful country and we are very lucky to pop down to Rome for a site visit and Venice and Milan and work in these beautiful cities, but something that comes up regularly and is worth noting for any of you planning projects here is the venue and local labour law paperwork, which always causes consternation to new clients working in Italy.

Paperwork here is more important to some people than the job, so it is worth allowing budget time and cost to get Italian reports on electrics/ structural , even for small stages, and also H and S documentation which is more than just the normal Rams.

We are here of course for advice and we work with many super qualified Italian engineers who can certify all manner of things that you may need to work here legally, just let us know if we can help with this.

We have some gaps in our schedule due to cancellations and anticipated work not materialising, so, we are looking to fill them if possible with lots of lovely projects, the dates are:

18th March – 14th April

Most of May and June

Any projects you need support with around the world let us know.

We are in Rome, Venice and Bali over the next two months so looking forward to getting stuck in on site with the projects. We are supplying services including labour In Venice, graphics in Rome and a complete design and install project in Bali.

As mentioned earlier we have gaps we would like to fill, so let us know if we can help.

Thanks for reading and supporting us as always.

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