Working in Italy for Brits post Brexit.

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Working in Italy post Brexit if you can believe it, will be more complicated for non- resident Brits. So, we have started 2021 in the Live Events Industry with some new challenges.

We are not able as UK residents to travel for work without a visa to European countries and in some cases depending on the workplace, this includes site visits.

There will be more clarity no doubt as time goes forward, but unless you come to Italy as a tourist you will not be able to turn up and work for a day or for longer without going through some paperwork hoops!

I would not advise coming here (Italy) without the correct paperwork as the Italian authorities can be very strict and on the spot fines and federal charges can be easily awarded and less easily mitigated.

If i can be of help to facilitate site visits or start pre production for you here, by sourcing suppliers and spaces please let me know.

I have spent some time getting a reliable supply chain together for this outcome so if its an Exhibition design and build, corporate launch, meeting or location management please let me know.

It will take around 10-15 days to get a visa once you have applied in person or through an agency depending on the country’s efficiency, so be prepared. There are various options as well on visas so spend the time to check it out. If you are a freelancer, I would start to get the details you will need to submit to clients for Visa applications ready now. The site has plenty of advice but mainly points you to the relevant country embassy that you are travelling to for advice.

If it’s a simple visit to a venue for a yes or no or a more in depth study, design and build we can help you on the ground in Italy. Contact us here or through our website.

Happy New Year!!

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