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So, as you can see from the photo, you don’t always get what you want in this life.

Now as you can imagine I asked for steps to go to the front of house stage, and the scaffolding crew supplied me steps to go to the front of house stage. Now I am the first to always judge my dodgy Italian, but I know I didn’t ask for this. After initial shock then a good giggle amongst the carpenter crew with instructions to replace them, I was hit by something quite remarkable.

To go back a bit.

The scaffolding crew were up against it, having been let down by their own boss and logistics. They were a hardworking, diligent team I have worked with numerous times before. Their speed in the Layher install was impressive and they worked safely at all times, but woodwork was not their forte.

When I spoke to their crew chief, he knew they weren’t what we needed but he said he had done his best with what they had. I could see had.

The thing that struck me most was that seeing that their boss had been letting us down across the project, they had worked hard to make sure, with what little they had, they delivered a set of steps. And as I drove away, I was touched that they had obviously spent a lot of time on the wobbly death trap, to make sure that we had what we needed on time.

I wasn’t angry, I wasn’t disappointed with them, it made me realise that every person in that team was pulling in the same boat for us and despite the results, they had worked hard to keep us happy and on schedule.

I always say, if you turn up, you can be taught anything, and that day I was reminded it is not the results that matter, even if they are amazing, but the team that puts it together.

Obviously, the steps were condemned, and new ones built in Layher as I had expected in the first place, so the results did matter for safety and for aesthetic, but the photo says a lot of things to me, and I thought I would share.

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Photos: Penhaligonec.

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