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Hi welcome to our fiirst blog for our new website

It has been a bonkers year for many who have struggled with availability of work, health issues and finances. I have been there this year and for a normally busy person its been a very slow journey. I have tried to keep busy and one of things i have been learning is how to blog.

So here we are!

Whats the blog about and why should you get involved and read it. I am going to publish this every Monday and as the title would imply its going to be a look at whats going on in the events industry through theatre, corporate, exhibitions and tv and some irreverent trivia gleened from our interviews from people in the industry both in the UK and around the world.

Those of you who know me are aware that i have a challenging sense of humour but be assured it will be reigned in good and proper here, so have no fear, well, have a little!!

Enough for an introduction i think and for anyone who wants to comment on their section of the events industry, innovations,old stories and pleas for help or you would like to participate in our interview series, get in touch at

Next week we will be looking at how set companies are surviving in the present climate by diversifying and using their skill base and facilities for other industries and we will have our first interview.

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