The Joy of Sets! The Glamour!!

glamour joy of set

I have quite often said on the 30th hour of a 12 hour shift I am only in this business for the glamour! The real truth is, I am, well at least partly. I am unashamedly proud of the live events I have been part of and have been lucky enough to witness, a lot […]

The Joy of Sets! Lessons learnt.

Lessons learnt

For many years I plugged away as a freelance chippie, working ridiculous hours, drinking too much and being paid far too little in comparison to other freelance departments in the events industry. I thought a way around that would be to have my own company. Of course, all those who have done the transition from […]

The Joy Of Sets! A Big Shout Out!

Big Shout Out

I mentioned last week that the experience we all carry in the events industry is what makes us able to survive many adverse situations in our non working lives and also it has proven to be useful in the current climate. It got me thinking about our industry 30 odd years ago when I started […]

The Joy Of Sets! Back in the UUUK!

Back in the UUUK

Europe is fairly closed, the UK has a plan to open up, I haven’t worked for 14 months, I have run out of money, we had no help from the either the UK or Italian Government until December and I felt plum useless! So, I headed back to the UK. An economic migrant at 53 […]

The Joy Of Sets! All under one roof

As promised I have put the information for the relevant EU countries, plus others, that we have been barred from working in with the same expediency as prior to the Withdrawal Agreement onto one page. It’s a long read but the useful links for all countries are here. I have tried only to use official […]

The Joy of Sets! All Abroad!

all aborad

This is the final week of looking at the EU states and the ease of which you can travel for temporary work for Exhibitions and Corporate projects. As always this does not include musical touring as some countries have better set ups for that element than temporary work. I am travelling back to the UK […]

The Joy of Sets! “No Singing Waiters!”

No Singing Waiters

I wanted to continue with my wonder through the rest of the countries in Europe, or Fun with Flags as it has been quipped, that I haven’t touched on yet, re temporary working for exhibition installers and other contractors. We are in mid February and we have had no good welcoming news from any of […]

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